Round Pens Ireland manufacture American style round pens, training pens and lunging rings in Ireland.

These portable corrals can be built to any size, providing an equine and livestock fencing system suitable to a variety of needs such as training, breaking, turn out and lunging.

Designed for use with horses, these pens have several special features built in for ease of use, strength and safety.

The extreme durability of our pens make them suitable for cattle as well as horses, donkeys and ponies.

The 6ft height will detour even the most difficult of horses.

In America every equestrian centre has a roundpen for lunging, training and breaking, providing a safe and contained area away from other ridden horses, preventing possible escape and injury.

Our pens have been designed by an American horse trainer to match the superior quality and features of traditional American round pens.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you build your perfect round pen.

Spooktacular Halloween Sale!

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Here at Round Pens Ireland, we are having a Spooktacular Sale!!! 10% off all round pens until Halloween! No tricks, only treats. See our price list page for prices here. Or contact us... READ MORE